Apr. 17th, 2017

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Had Friday off, and so did our first lesson of 2017. We kind of sucked for most of it, which was disappointing because Trudi was good Tues/Wed when I rode- but during our lesson she was distracted, stiff, and sort of just barging around without any throughness. However, she was better on Saturday, and then really super last night. I had been fighting with my body and wondering why it feels so hard to ride with all my body parts in the right places- to get my heels down while my legs are back far enough and to still try and sit on my butt- but somehow after we got all warmed up and I did some renvers and shoulder-in in canter- things just came together well and the canter was very well put together and Trudi was bending and listening. She made several mistakes- when I asked for trot from shoulder in she gave me silky smooth walk to canter, and then held that collected canter while I asked for trot, and when she understood the downward was smooth. Later she made the same mistake, again, with the same smooth, collected canter- so I didn't get upset about it, just brought her back and asked again. I made sure to hand graze her afterward and she's getting today off.
Easter was good- spent the latter half of Saturday grocery shopping and doing dishes, then Sunday more cleaning, and I made my first prime (ok, choice) rib roast. The crust was very good, my aus ju a failure due to not having a can of beef broth on hand- but it turned out not to be necessary as the meat was tender and juicy enough to eat on its own. Put the kiddo to work on the roasted brussel sprouts and crescent rolls, and a friend brought a dish of scalloped sweet and russet potatoes, wine and cake. Hubby made a super sangria out of the red wine and lemon, mandarin oranges, blackberries and raspberries. Maybe that was why my ride went so well. ;)


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