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So after I took the kiddo to the dentist (waaah, so expensive- pediatric dentist using nitrous and not doing a good deal with the insurance)- but anyway, kid did not get yelled at, 2 permanent teeth taken care of, and hopefully the other 2 that need fillings will be done in April and we'll be ok for a while. Except that I need a new dentist. Sigh. Will think about that later.
ANYWAY, my point is, I got to ride yesterday after his appointment. Maresy dashed around a bit in her pen when I shooed her a bit to see how energetic she was (turns out energetic enough to tear off from a standstill, but not so energetic that she would keep running for a half hour straight or anything).
So got her tacked up, and she did not feel great to the right, but I kept working on ME, and not making a big deal out of it, and eventually things felt OK. We managed a few strides of canter each way, and I'll just have to be satisfied with that till next dry out, because there are a couple of inches of wet snow on the ground this morning. But that's ok, because I knew it was coming, and I rode M, T, W, and the forecast is good for the next few days. Also, her blaze has started shedding, and the days are getting longer. :)
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