Snow day

Feb. 26th, 2015 03:54 pm
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I know ours is nothing compared to the east coast, but I am still tired already of the snow. It's beautiful, but I feel like going anywhere or doing anything is a hassle. The kiddo had no school today since they called a snow day. Work opened late, but since I work from home I just worked normally (I'm not a total altruist, I checked and saw my boss online, so I sighed and resigned myself to a full day). Kiddo wants to be glued to a screen, and when he is not he drives me crazy with his boredom. Hubs had to make the terrible drive to work. Trudi is fine but her pen is a squishy mess, and I can't really clean it because I can't really get the cart through it. It's not that bad since everything is frozen or covered with a foot of snow, or so mushed into the ground that it's going to break down quickly, but yeah, no riding, and even going to the store is not worth it till the roads are better or till we really need something.


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