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So went to ride last night, and a little storm that had not previously shown up on my weather forecast drifted in. I was already tacked up and on, and the forecast for today and tomorrow is rain and snow, so I thought maybe we'd do a little work, and if it cleared up we'd do a little more.
We were treated to a bit of thunder, and an unpleasant but not terribly heavy rain/snow mixture. It was enough to make my thighs cold, but it didn't make the ground too much wetter, so once it had cleared up we worked a little harder and it was pretty good! Lesson of the night was keep your legs on and your butt IN THE SADDLE. I was stuck on pretty well (maybe it was the wet fullseat breeches?) and concentrated on STAYING VERTICAL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T LEAN BACK as we were working on collecting the canter, and doing a downward from the seat WITHOUT DIVING INTO THE BRIDLE. I cantered Trudi through a spot she did NOT want to canter through, and her little twisty-buck of displeasure was like a blip, it barely registered because I was kind of in a zone. Overall she was a good sport and she decided she was VERY good and stopped for a carrot a couple of times "Hey did you see that I WALKED there, did you see?".
That night I cleaned and conditioned my saddle and 2 bridles to make up for the rain- it took forever but I watched TV while I did it and now everything is all supple and pretty.
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