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So the long version-
Started things off by doing my usual flurry of nonsense, trying to cram too much in a day- took kiddo to a pizza party at his summer camp, took my car in for service, picked up shavings and show sheen, bought a fall jacket for him, then rushed home and gave Trudi a 5 minute bath just before trainer pulled into the driveway. I had him hold her while I scraped off the rinse water and put on her shipping boots. She walked right on the trailer, and then suddenly backed right off.
Tried to get her on again, she threw her head up and sounded like she banged it- back off. After about 30 minutes we got her on, and away we went. On the drive down hubby called and I went through a bit of a thing meeting up with him to transfer the kiddo from my car to his, and eventually got down to the show in time to pay them and pick up my number before the office closed.
We had a lesson, though it was only about 45 min because for whatever reason they were closing all arenas (warmups included) at 6pm. Still, Trudi was fairly calm and we were able to visit a couple of the show arenas and school some test movements in the one we were due to show in the following day, so I felt good about it.

I braided her that night and nearly went blind as we were on an inside stall and the two overhead bulbs above us were both burned out. But I got her braided and fed and headed home. It was getting dark and it started to rain, which made me feel panicky because I don't see as well at night and wet roads are much much worse. I stopped for some gas and thankfully the sprinkling stopped and I made it home safely.

The next day I was able to eat breakfast (yay, scrambled eggs!) and got my hair in a bun (I dunno why buns always seem mysterious to me, but anyway, bobby pins, hairnets and hairspray I guess), and drove down. I got on an hour before my class and Trudi was feeling good- I wished we only had 40 min before the class at that point, but we kept walking and then doing a little and then walking. There were 2 warmup rings at this show and no one was super crazy, so that was really nice.

I teared up a few times in the warmup and as we started to go around the ring before our test. I was just feeling thankful and hopeful and a little nervous, it was emotional. Our first test was 2nd-1, and I was glad because I like it better than 1st-3 and it mattered more to me. We had a good test and got a 64.242 (not like I have that burned into my brain atm :D), which tied us for first in our division scoring wise though we ended up getting 2nd. I was just so happy to get through the test and score over 60%.

Our 1st-3 test went fairly well till the end, when I think trainer may have said the wrong letter during our last lengthening, but I was like "I think we go....here?" and we got a 63.

That night I stopped on my way home to get a pair of sunglasses (my extra pair had gone missing) and some hairnets and some dinner. I washed my breeches and my shirt and took a bath and went to bed.

Sunday I woke up a little before my alarm and got ready. For whatever reason I was still running late, and my first ride on Sunday was 2 hours earlier than Saturday's. I got on with about 20 - 25 minutes before my class, and Trudi was stiff and running/pulling. I needed about 10 more minutes to warm up, and I didn't have it. I managed to get through the whole test (2nd-1), but it was at Mach 8, and we got a 55%, which I felt was generous. :) After the test, we went and schooled a few things in the warmup, and within 5 minutes she was listening and much more supple, canter serpentines with simple changes were bang on- she was the horse that I *wanted* to ride in the test. But in any case we still managed to show 2nd level twice in 2 days so I'm still satisfied.

For the last ride, I wanted really badly to make up for the morning. We warmed up and she was better from the moment I got on compared to the morning, so we had extra time (of course). So we did the walk/do a few things/walk/do a few things cycle and I found out that the other person in the warmup was someone I knew 10 years ago, when I rode with Peggy. She was a little girl then, she's now 22. :D She looked really good in the warmup and I had told her so, and she was like "Is your name Sara?" and that got us re-acquainted.

We went in for 1st-3 and I rode my ass off. I was happy with everything except the final trot lengthening- I hadn't quite prepared enough, and I lost her- she didn't break but the trot just got flat- I tried posting REALLY BIG (LOL, as if pelvic thrust posting could actually pick the horse up into a lengthening). I had made our leg yields more sideways and all the way to X, I had done the counter canter loops all the way to X, I had kept more activity in the trot as trainer had asked- and we only scored a 62.9.
That was pretty disappointing, and I am surprised to see that many 7's in a test (and no 4s) and still have it be below 65%, but I checked the math and the percentage was correct. There were a couple of 67s in the class (including the grown up little girl) and a lot of lower 60s and high 50s. So we're not last all the time, which is good- generally somewhere in the middle.

We got ready to go home and Trudi would NOT get ON the TRAILER. No, no, nopity nope. She threw her head up and backed off, and then started planting her feet and leaning back. We tried for about an hour, when getting after her with taps from a lunge whip she reared and I said that I didn't think she was going to get on. I was worried things would escalate more and someone would get hurt. I couldn't really blame her for not wanting to get on the tiny dark two horse, I felt like it was just too claustrophobic and she had always been easy to load prior to Friday, so I thought she was actually afraid and not just being stubborn for no reason. We had no room to really work- the divider bar was welded so the only option was to go in the 3 foot opening. I asked trainer if he had access to any larger/taller trailer, and he said yes, but it would take an hour each way to get it. I promised to pay him for the trouble and off he went.

Meanwhile I went around and asked everyone loading if they possibly had room for one more horse and could go to Lakewood, explaining my situation and telling them I'd be happy to pay for their time and effort. I knew I could call trainer on his cell and save him the trip if I could find a ride with someone else.
A couple of people asked other people, and a few people seemed to legitimately want to help but were headed a long way in the opposite direction, but ultimately none of them needed any extra money and I think most just didn't really feel that charitable. In any case, everyone turned me down, so I settled down to wait for trainer to return.

The grounds emptied out and dark clouds rolled in, and a breeze kicked up. Visions danced in my head of Trudi spooking and trying to run away as we tried hopelessly to load her on a second trailer. I spent my time googling "horse won't load on a trailer" to look for tips to help with our issue.

Trainer got back in record time, pulling a huge white stock trailer. It was fabulous. The whole thing was white inside with shavings and looked like a huge airy stall. I grabbed some flakes of super hay from a bale someone had left and plopped them in the corner, grabbed Trudi, and she hopped right on and started eating.

We made it home safe and sound, I swore at the neighbors dogs as the charged us along the fence as I led her to her pen, and apparently shocked and offended them and their guests. Whatever, I was so over this day. I then had hubby drive me BACK down to Parker, got my car, took the kiddo to dinner (hubby is dieting at the moment) and eventually got home for good.
As I was taking out Trudi's braids, I saw where she had scraped all the hair off a spot high on her forehead, most likely from the trailer she didn't want to get on. Horse.

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