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So new boss starts today, I brought in donuts-- "Have to suck up to the new boss!" I told him, and another coworker. :)

New boss was hubby's old boss, and seems like a nice guy, so hopefully all goes well. Unfortunately our big boss seems a bit disorganized so instead of all of us getting to enjoy our shiny new boss, he's off in another building while some long-delayed construction in our area apparently starts today.

Weekend was good- I had a short ride Saturday before an easter family thing at the mother in law's- kids did a little egg hunt, people ate ham, deviled eggs, and dessert.
Sunday I rode while the kiddo and hubby went to a car show. Trudi was not super considering it was windy and she and I are out of shape after 2 weeks off, but I actually felt like I rode pretty well, sitting deep, staying tall in my upper body, keeping my leg on- and emotionally I was very chill, which was really nice. We didn't do anything spectacular except toward the end, I felt like she had a very good, powerful trot. She's also started shedding in earnest, so I think she actually lacked energy for part of the ride (probably a good thing considering the wind!).

Date: 2017-04-11 12:56 am (UTC)
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Just checking in. *waves* I am reading!

I hope you get to enjoy your new boss soon.


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