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--insert whining about snow, warm, mud, snow, warm, mud cycle here --

Also I slept like ass last night.
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I was amused to see the people that agreed with my comment on this blog post and their comments as well:

I have been reading the more recent posts, and it's more bellydancing for football players, and so on, except that now there is a volleyball player. Apparently the volleyball player can just up and have a horse without Susan straddling her, AND without ever getting on the horse, so that's either progress or sexism, not really sure which.

But I see in the blogger's bio that she graduated from Princeton with a degree in comparative lit. Now, I could be wrong here, since I do not have a degree from Princeton in comparative lit, but I would think that one would need to write pretty well for that degree- I'm thinking lots of papers and such? Yet I can barely tell what is going on with her blogs because of her ungainly sentence structure and excessive use of pronouns.

"But it was lower key as well."

"And she never raced."

"At least not this time."

"With Jeff and Nick both learning to ride and wanting to get horses of their own, with Lauren’s knowledge of and passion for riding, Jessy needed to be part of that team effort and that group excitement, Nick reasoned."

"'I am so sorry about your loss,' I told him which I knew, even though she was very old, was traumatic."

"And on the morning of the party, bright and early, there they were: Jeffy, Lauren, Mr. and Mrs. Nick Tow-Arnett, and Stanley, their clever, cute Cockapoo who sported a green saddle pad with a small jockey aboard."

Anyway, that's it for today's rant about COTH blogs.

BTW, I admit to being cranky even though we have had 60 degree weather in January for 2 days now. I am cranky because of the snow. It's been melting rapidly, but there is just a lot of it to melt. The sleet falling today is not making me any perkier- it was pitch dark and slick on my drive in. I haven't ridden since Christmas. *Sigh*
Hope you all are well. :)
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I commented on the blog about the adoption agency with the micromanager, and if you read the blogs there was also this in Catherine Haddad's most recent: "Horses, Rita, are not only physically designed to be ridden by us..."

Has she seen the fossil records AT ALL? Does her vet husband reject evolution, natural selection, and selective breeding? I believe in God, but I don't believe he made horses with "a space on both the upper and lower jaw with no teeth where the bit can rest comfortably in his mouth, giving us a crude steering wheel for direction..." just so we could bridle them. I'm pretty sure human beings looked at horses the way they looked at every other material they eventually turned into a tool. I'm pretty sure they said "how can I use this?" and found a way to make it work, rather than God providing built-in seating and a steering wheel.

Also why do so many bloggers on COTH have such a condescending attitude? Your lives have been blessed, awesome, do you need to look down on everyone else though?
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Rain, rain, not rain, rain. That was my weekend. :|

A few pics

Sep. 5th, 2014 07:53 am
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Trudi modelling her new haircut (it's a bob)

Shiny in the sunlight-

Freshly mowed "arena" (Now with sand! Well, at least on the track. ^_^)
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I never knew Trudi was such a foodie. In addition to asian pears, she also likes jumbo marshmallows.
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2 tornado warnings in 2 days- not so happy about being on the 4th floor for training this week- but thankful to be safe so far.
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Last night as I was grooming Trudi, getting ready to ride, I saw dark clouds approaching. The sky beyond them looked brighter so I thought it would be ok. The dark clouds passed, lighter sky approached, and immediately after I put her bridle on, it started to hail. I took her in her shed but the noise made her nervous so I untacked her and she stood under the trees instead and looked bewildered.
After about 10 minutes the hail stopped- I tacked her up again and got on. She was being good, but then spooked at something in the corner near the neighbor's yard. I pulled her up and got my feet back in the stirrups, and next lap I saw what it was- a large raccoon, walking along the top of the fence. I hopped off and walked over, and he just sat there like "What?". I grabbed a big stick and thumped the fence with it and he left. Hoping the neighbors eggs/chickens/chicks are ok- I'll have to let them know about him when I see them.
Had a nice ride- Trudi was a little up and tense but did pretty well in spite of the recent hail - she had settled down, loosened up, and trotted nicely around before the coon came out. She was pretty good after that too- I tried just a teeny bit of work- a little bit of sitting trot, asked her to shorten and lengthen her steps, and a little bit of walk leg yield to and from the track. She seemed to like it- here's hoping we are building her up at the right pace.
I've been riding in the albion- I took the schleese back as the fitter wanted me to return one of the saddles- I think the seat was just a bit too hard and/or narrow for me. So far the longer girth with sheepskin cover also seems to be working.
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Every lifetime should include a month's worth of do-overs. For when you need a day here or there.


Oct. 9th, 2013 02:04 pm
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The Dressage Chronicles, Vol 2, is out. I have downloaded from amazon and am reading now. So far feels very much like the first one.

For those of you who are new, these books are porn for dressage riders who always wanted to be working students/show in Florida etc.
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OK, LJ, you can stop showing me pictures of delicious looking cookies, since I'm already hungry.
At least the "fish pie" headings sort of counter the effect. 
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My friend in Alaska is being reolocated- she has pedigreed border collies trained for herding and possibly agilty- also she just bought 2 horses, draft crosses with good temperments- also she has a lot of sheep- if you might be interested  or know someone who is please let me know- she might be willing to transport some of them as she occasionally drives down to the lower 48 states.  

Yay rain!

Jun. 13th, 2013 05:52 pm
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Thunder and lightening here- hoping for a big rainstorm that puts out the fire....
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I was so tired yesterday I spent 15 mins at lunch out in the parking lot sleeping in my car, which I almost never do. Last night when I went to bed, I could not sleep, even though I was so tired- I think I was overtired. After a few hours I finally did fall asleep, and the alarm woke me up while I was dreaming about cantering. :) It was a really great canter- nice straight lines around the arena, no shying, perfectly balanced small circles- we even went both directions. Pretty funny that I actually dream about a nice canter... ahh, self.
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In a somewhat frustrated place right now- have been trying for 2 weeks to get the flooring situation squared away- quotes were much higher than expected, when I could even get them. Have been to Lowes 4 times and still can't get a quote I can even PAY so that I can get work done. Really irritated at having to contact other parties and get measurements and get quotes - I can't believe what a PITA this has been. Carpet in 3 rooms and a set of stairs, tile in 2 bathrooms and an entryway, and you'd think I was asking to have a space shuttle built. No one can listen, communicate, or do any kind of math.
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Next weekend anyone going to the George Williams Symposium in Greeley?
$50 at the door one day- I think if you do it in advance it's $45/day to audit or $80 both days.
Not sure if I'm willing to spend that, but if others are going I am more likely to be persuaded. :)

George Williams Symposium February 23-24 at Tomora Training Center in Greeley
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So last week kiddo told me his pony's name was going to be "Merida" and she was going to be white with brown spots.


Sunday he brought me breakfast in bed. This consisted of an apple, a bowl of blueberries, a single pancake (with no butter or syrup- but he did "heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds"), and an inedible english muffin toasted completely black.

The apple and a pancake wrapped around blueberries were decent though. :)
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So- red mare is less limpy and that is a good thing.

I rode like 4 times last week (yay 2013!)- however, all is not sunshine and roses- my seatbones are feeling pretty bruised. I realized my cantle was looking level with the pommel, and propped the saddle up with a layer of sheepskin near the panels, which has helped some.

I've also been watching footage from old USDF dressage symposiums, which is kind of interesting- Lisa Wilcox/Ernst Hoyas, Scott Hassler and Anne Gribbons, and Robert Dover talking about a GP test as he rides it, which actually was really impressive- I think it would be pretty tough to give a talk to hundreds of people as you are going through the GP test- and some Jessica Ranshausen (ha, the mauve coat) and Hilda Gurney, who cracks me up - "Your hands should follow the horse's head as he walks. If your hands are following the head as he trots, take him back to the barn, cuz he's lame."

Ordered 2 pair of discontinued breeches from VTO from their end of year clearance- yes, I have a problem, I stockpile clothing. I'm like a hoarder except I only hoard new crap. VS semi annual bra sale? YES! Thermal shirts from Eddie Bauer? YES! Breeches from VTO? Don't mind if I do!

House is getting painted today in the master bedroom and living room (vaulted ceilings = hire someone). Also kitchen cabinets. Praying it looks good/they do a good job.

We have yet to do the trim on the dining room floor, even though hubby bought a NEW SAW just for this. Not like I'm irked by that.
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