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So tired last night- I got out to the barn and was like "I so want to ride outside" but it was getting dark. My motivation was pretty low, but I decided we needed to ride a test because I need to get better at riding tests, so we warmed up and rode T2 3 times.
Warmup I was feeling the hind legs a bit better and managing to aid along with the swing (at least part of the time), which both of us like. I really worked on keeping the connection- even when she wasn't as through as I wanted, I tried to make sure she couldn't disappear completely and she seemed to find that reassuring- it's just easy to get too "handy". Keeping the connection and trying to make sure she never got to drop me, especially in downward transitions from canter was a challenge, but things kept improving even though a couple felt a little terrifying.
So then we rode the test a first time, and it was meh, several crappy moments. The second time was a bit better, and the third time I actually managed to shove her hind legs under her prior to doing things like leaving the track to do a circle, and things flowed much better. The only really bad part that time was trying to do the free walk- she gets ancy and breaks to trot when I let go of her (nevermind that any other time we are working I drop the reins and she ambles nicely along) so we looped back and did halt, turn the corner, walk to x, halt, turn toward the other corner, walk - and that settled her.


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