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After the realization that my lower leg was a disaster (again) I tried stretching out a bit to see if that would help me keep my leg under me, and it did. Stretching back toward the hocks for 30 seconds, then some scissor kicks, then AWARENESS. Stop pinching with the knee, keep the lower leg on, even if she doesn't seem thrilled about it, and keep stretching the leg baaaaack... The circles in particular need work on my lower leg, especially on the outside. I think my upper body is better more of the time overall- must make sure not to lose that while I start fighting the lower leg demon. Less tenseness, better riding, happier me (and happier horse too).
First vid- just wtc, mainly to the left I think. I realized the camera quit recording partway through so I made another one with a bit to the right, with a few nice steps of lengthening and the occasional halfhalt here and there- with some hit-and-miss shoulder fore/in.
Canter needs tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of work. Trot is looking pretty good.

Note: approximately half of each vid takes place out of frame. Sorry, hard to capture a moving object using a stationary one.


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ETA - second vid is up now too.

Last weekend-- Hooray spring-like weather!

I don't know why the 1st vid didn't upload- maybe because I forgot to compress it. I'll have to try and get it up again tonight.
Few steps of baby lengthening in the trot- go Trudi! ;)

Oh look, we canter on both leads. ^_^


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