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Lynne clinic

We had an incredible time at the Lynne Kimball Davis clinic. The ranch where the clinic was held is unbelievable- it has breathtaking views of the mountains, absolutely stunning.
I slept terribly the night before, nervous even though I knew once I was riding that I would be able to focus on the lesson, intimidated by the grandeur of the facility- who am I, backyard rider whose horse lives in the garage? But everyone was very kind and the clinician was wonderful. She is very patient but absolutely attentive, even though I was the last ride on the first day she was there making corrections even when my mind started to wander a bit (which, this is a lesson I must learn and live, focus- people say ride every stride, which to me needs to mean be present, always. I have a tendancy to let my mind wander). Working on my position, strength, and fitness, is always difficult but absolutely worth it.
Trudi was great- she initially stopped and sniffed at the trailer when trainer tried to load her, but I asked him to let me try (she knows I have cookies) and thankfully she hopped on. I do think she likes the trailer ok.
Clinic notes-
Day 1
Drive, more squeeze into my hand. March March March past scary things
In canter, 10 strides walk, repeat, repeat, 10 strides big half halt. Count strides, this helps me to focus.
If she is hollow, not listening nor going into my hand, halt, falling down neck submission. Squeeze with leg, closed hand on rein till she gives, sometimes (Only sometimes) little inside flexion. Couple of walk steps, then canter FROM THE FALLING DOWN NECK.

Day 2
Collect the Canter. On the spot, really collect. If she breaks halt or walk, neck down, then into the canter, don't drop her, hold her into your hand. Relaxin is the reward, not dropping her- (this is hard for me, I give too much).
Walk volte haunches-in, canter, stay on the same line(keep riding the haunches in circle) walk, stay on the same line, canter, stay on the same line, then out.

Walk pirouette- collect the walk haunches In, move outside leg forward, not too small keep the rhythm.

The sit in the exercise on the second day was amazing, and we got some incredible walk/canter and canter/walk transitions.
Lynne said to me at one point, "I wish I could snatch you up" and I was like "You could!" :)
The main thing we worked on was getting and keeping Trudi's attention (March past the scary things, no spooking, go into my hand (Lynne- "You're a show horse, get over it" :D) and getting more throughness, no running, but still going, going into my hand. Go. March. This is the thing we most need and I am excited and a little afraid to hope that we really could get past the thing that has always been our biggest obstacle, her spooking and tension.

Initially we talked about Trudi and her strengths and weaknesses. Initially I did not think she liked Trudi much- she said that she was a bit sickle hocked with a high set tail- which I think is true. When she saw her move though she said she was beautiful and she liked her a lot, and talked about how the work we were doing would improve our canter pirouettes later on (so, hey, awesome, she believes we will do canter pirouettes in the future!)

I'm so thankful to trainer for the work he has done with us and how he has helped so much to make Trudi into a more solid citizen. She's a horse I can take to clinics and show and I believe in her.

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