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So Miss Trudi's training has begun. After a few days to rest, relax, and get settled in I decided to get started. Armed with carrots (which she really does love - I gave her one yesterday and she was like OMG CARROTS MORE PLEASE-- she was all over me like white on rice.) and sugar, I started grooming her and was soon covered in red fur. I threw my arms over her back and leaned on her from time to time and she was like "what the heck?". But she stood when I said whoa, and with the carrots as a reward she seemed not to mind. Got a saddle pad and waved it around a little, which she watched with some trepidation but accepted pretty easily when I laid in on her. She sniffed at the saddle and shifted a bit when I put it on her back, but didn't get really upset. I did up the girth loosely and she shifted some more and tried to nibble on a billet, but she willingly traded it for more treat. We went for a walk and she didn't notice the saddle at all- her new surroundings held far more interest.
It was then that my three year old reminded me that she's not a placid old mare- she spooked at the other horses, the door, the cat, the wheelbarrow. She is one of those horses that, when intimidated, tries to climb into your lap. I about got run over several times and was glad I was wearing boots. I elbowed her and banged on her shoulder and realized we need a few lead lessons with the dressage whip (handle is good for poking). We walked around and I couldn't help but feel a little excited by her walk and trot as she was cirling me nervously- she had a spring in her step and a long stride. I led her around the barn and down to the arena. I stopped by a mounting block and climbed on and off it several times, which she couldn't have cared less about. We walked to the far end of the arena where a shed or something blew her little mind and she spooked badly, dragging me a few steps, trying to canter off, and threatening to rear. I got her stopped, then walked her back and forth and hoped she'd calm down, but although she settled a little she still had a ton of energy. I really wanted to just close the gate and let her loose, but I figured that won't always be an option and led/circled/shoved her around a while longer then took her back to the barn. I'm hoping to lunge or turn her out tomorrow- I wanted to do it tonight but it rained. I think it was a fair start, overall.


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