Oct. 10th, 2017 10:10 am
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Ah, so it has been 6 months since my last confession.  I'm in an unhappy place again, after getting an email from my boss about he values work life balance, and then getting several texts for work stuff after 9 pm.  The most recent one was last night, after I was out sick that day, because surely no one ever stays home because they are sick and need to get better.  I'd just taken some benedryl for my post nasal drip and after getting on a call for about 15 minutes, things got cut off by a network problem on campus.  I went to bed and dozed a little but mainly obsessed about the work issue.  I was up at 5:30, checked my email, found the issue was solved without me (as I had originally predicted) but I put some of the thoughts I had been obsessing about into the email, fed Trudi, and crawled back into bed for an hour, where I laid awake listening to everyone else's alarms going off.
I'm thinking about other jobs, other fields, other careers.
Some thoughts-
I love horses.  Always have.  Not sure about how/what for a horse career, but a possibility, were I able to ride a bit better (working student sting is probably necessary for this)- but possible way to make a living might be doing these jobs (probably all of them)
Barn manager
Dressage instructor
Pet sitter

Other "good" jobs I might be able to move into:
medical imaging (x-ray/radiographer, catscan, mri)
ophthalmologist (glasses/contacts)
technical trainer or technical writer
technical sales rep

Other jobs I might like-
office manager/admin assistant
police officer
clerk (for a petstore or a tack shop maybe?)

The horse thing is tricky.  I'm quite old for a working student and not sure I'm physically capable.  But I'm not getting any younger, and I'm at least mature.  I was hoping after showing 2nd this year that I'd be eligible for the L program, but no, need to show a higher test (with a higher score) at 2nd, or get a 62 (3x) at 3rd. 
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We had an incredible time at the Lynne Kimball Davis clinic. The ranch where the clinic was held is unbelievable- it has breathtaking views of the mountains, absolutely stunning.
I slept terribly the night before, nervous even though I knew once I was riding that I would be able to focus on the lesson, intimidated by the grandeur of the facility- who am I, backyard rider whose horse lives in the garage? But everyone was very kind and the clinician was wonderful. She is very patient but absolutely attentive, even though I was the last ride on the first day she was there making corrections even when my mind started to wander a bit (which, this is a lesson I must learn and live, focus- people say ride every stride, which to me needs to mean be present, always. I have a tendancy to let my mind wander). Working on my position, strength, and fitness, is always difficult but absolutely worth it.
Trudi was great- she initially stopped and sniffed at the trailer when trainer tried to load her, but I asked him to let me try (she knows I have cookies) and thankfully she hopped on. I do think she likes the trailer ok.
Clinic notes-
Day 1
Drive, more squeeze into my hand. March March March past scary things
In canter, 10 strides walk, repeat, repeat, 10 strides big half halt. Count strides, this helps me to focus.
If she is hollow, not listening nor going into my hand, halt, falling down neck submission. Squeeze with leg, closed hand on rein till she gives, sometimes (Only sometimes) little inside flexion. Couple of walk steps, then canter FROM THE FALLING DOWN NECK.

Day 2
Collect the Canter. On the spot, really collect. If she breaks halt or walk, neck down, then into the canter, don't drop her, hold her into your hand. Relaxin is the reward, not dropping her- (this is hard for me, I give too much).
Walk volte haunches-in, canter, stay on the same line(keep riding the haunches in circle) walk, stay on the same line, canter, stay on the same line, then out.

Walk pirouette- collect the walk haunches In, move outside leg forward, not too small keep the rhythm.

The sit in the exercise on the second day was amazing, and we got some incredible walk/canter and canter/walk transitions.
Lynne said to me at one point, "I wish I could snatch you up" and I was like "You could!" :)
The main thing we worked on was getting and keeping Trudi's attention (March past the scary things, no spooking, go into my hand (Lynne- "You're a show horse, get over it" :D) and getting more throughness, no running, but still going, going into my hand. Go. March. This is the thing we most need and I am excited and a little afraid to hope that we really could get past the thing that has always been our biggest obstacle, her spooking and tension.

Initially we talked about Trudi and her strengths and weaknesses. Initially I did not think she liked Trudi much- she said that she was a bit sickle hocked with a high set tail- which I think is true. When she saw her move though she said she was beautiful and she liked her a lot, and talked about how the work we were doing would improve our canter pirouettes later on (so, hey, awesome, she believes we will do canter pirouettes in the future!)

I'm so thankful to trainer for the work he has done with us and how he has helped so much to make Trudi into a more solid citizen. She's a horse I can take to clinics and show and I believe in her.
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Leg in the canter.
No, really, truly, LEG. SQUEEZE. HARD.
Seriously much better last night when I used leg FOR REAL, hard squeeze, like a transition to trot squeeze. I think because of Trudi's tendancy to run at the canter that even when told to use leg at the canter, I used only a little, not enough. Until last night, when I thought about how I really needed her to sit more in the canter, and needed her hind legs under her more, I started to actually squeeze, hard, and then was able to collect her, and got that canter-walk transition I was looking for. And then we did it again. And then I texted trainer and apologized for every time he told me to use leg in the canter, and I kinda did but not really.


Apr. 26th, 2017 02:44 pm
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Oh, I'm in a bad mood. I just want to bite something. Work has been really busy lately, and while it keeps me from being bored, I'm just tired and pissy. People keep asking me stuff and I can't get anything finished, and I'm stupid for not putting myself on busy/unavailable.

The weather has something to do with it too I'm sure, temp dropped and it rained last night, so I'm sure that is affecting me. There's also the question of "What are your professional goals" that's being asked at work, and so I have to think about this, and I hate thinking about this. I don't have any real career goals anymore. I haven't in over a decade. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, I'm fine for now with where I am. It's not ideal but the ship for my ideal has sailed. I am too old and not talented enough for it, if the ideal ever even existed and wasn't just a dream vs. another harsh reality. I don't have a new dream for what I want to be when I grow up, and I feel a little guilty about that, and a little defensive, and a little angry. I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to not make it worse. But probably I have to tell some pretty little lie so that I'm not worthless because I have no ambition. Be motivated (or else you're too lazy) but not TOO motivated (or you're a flight risk). Though actually I'm not sure the latter part of that is true any more- companies often just want the most units of work per employee stint (or sprint, as is so common in techspeak these days) in the shortest time possible, and a short shelf life is ok. It isn't about a person, or his/her burnout, because that can't happen, because we are all so MOTIVATED. Anyway. Midlife crisis or something.

Did I mentioned it has rained and so I haven't ridden for the past 2 days?
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Had Friday off, and so did our first lesson of 2017. We kind of sucked for most of it, which was disappointing because Trudi was good Tues/Wed when I rode- but during our lesson she was distracted, stiff, and sort of just barging around without any throughness. However, she was better on Saturday, and then really super last night. I had been fighting with my body and wondering why it feels so hard to ride with all my body parts in the right places- to get my heels down while my legs are back far enough and to still try and sit on my butt- but somehow after we got all warmed up and I did some renvers and shoulder-in in canter- things just came together well and the canter was very well put together and Trudi was bending and listening. She made several mistakes- when I asked for trot from shoulder in she gave me silky smooth walk to canter, and then held that collected canter while I asked for trot, and when she understood the downward was smooth. Later she made the same mistake, again, with the same smooth, collected canter- so I didn't get upset about it, just brought her back and asked again. I made sure to hand graze her afterward and she's getting today off.
Easter was good- spent the latter half of Saturday grocery shopping and doing dishes, then Sunday more cleaning, and I made my first prime (ok, choice) rib roast. The crust was very good, my aus ju a failure due to not having a can of beef broth on hand- but it turned out not to be necessary as the meat was tender and juicy enough to eat on its own. Put the kiddo to work on the roasted brussel sprouts and crescent rolls, and a friend brought a dish of scalloped sweet and russet potatoes, wine and cake. Hubby made a super sangria out of the red wine and lemon, mandarin oranges, blackberries and raspberries. Maybe that was why my ride went so well. ;)
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So new boss starts today, I brought in donuts-- "Have to suck up to the new boss!" I told him, and another coworker. :)

New boss was hubby's old boss, and seems like a nice guy, so hopefully all goes well. Unfortunately our big boss seems a bit disorganized so instead of all of us getting to enjoy our shiny new boss, he's off in another building while some long-delayed construction in our area apparently starts today.

Weekend was good- I had a short ride Saturday before an easter family thing at the mother in law's- kids did a little egg hunt, people ate ham, deviled eggs, and dessert.
Sunday I rode while the kiddo and hubby went to a car show. Trudi was not super considering it was windy and she and I are out of shape after 2 weeks off, but I actually felt like I rode pretty well, sitting deep, staying tall in my upper body, keeping my leg on- and emotionally I was very chill, which was really nice. We didn't do anything spectacular except toward the end, I felt like she had a very good, powerful trot. She's also started shedding in earnest, so I think she actually lacked energy for part of the ride (probably a good thing considering the wind!).
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Omg you guys, book 3 of the Dressage Chronicles is out!!! Merry Christmas!
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So the long version-
Started things off by doing my usual flurry of nonsense, trying to cram too much in a day- took kiddo to a pizza party at his summer camp, took my car in for service, picked up shavings and show sheen, bought a fall jacket for him, then rushed home and gave Trudi a 5 minute bath just before trainer pulled into the driveway. I had him hold her while I scraped off the rinse water and put on her shipping boots. She walked right on the trailer, and then suddenly backed right off.
Tried to get her on again, she threw her head up and sounded like she banged it- back off. After about 30 minutes we got her on, and away we went. On the drive down hubby called and I went through a bit of a thing meeting up with him to transfer the kiddo from my car to his, and eventually got down to the show in time to pay them and pick up my number before the office closed.
We had a lesson, though it was only about 45 min because for whatever reason they were closing all arenas (warmups included) at 6pm. Still, Trudi was fairly calm and we were able to visit a couple of the show arenas and school some test movements in the one we were due to show in the following day, so I felt good about it.

I braided her that night and nearly went blind as we were on an inside stall and the two overhead bulbs above us were both burned out. But I got her braided and fed and headed home. It was getting dark and it started to rain, which made me feel panicky because I don't see as well at night and wet roads are much much worse. I stopped for some gas and thankfully the sprinkling stopped and I made it home safely.

The next day I was able to eat breakfast (yay, scrambled eggs!) and got my hair in a bun (I dunno why buns always seem mysterious to me, but anyway, bobby pins, hairnets and hairspray I guess), and drove down. I got on an hour before my class and Trudi was feeling good- I wished we only had 40 min before the class at that point, but we kept walking and then doing a little and then walking. There were 2 warmup rings at this show and no one was super crazy, so that was really nice.

I teared up a few times in the warmup and as we started to go around the ring before our test. I was just feeling thankful and hopeful and a little nervous, it was emotional. Our first test was 2nd-1, and I was glad because I like it better than 1st-3 and it mattered more to me. We had a good test and got a 64.242 (not like I have that burned into my brain atm :D), which tied us for first in our division scoring wise though we ended up getting 2nd. I was just so happy to get through the test and score over 60%.

Our 1st-3 test went fairly well till the end, when I think trainer may have said the wrong letter during our last lengthening, but I was like "I think we" and we got a 63.

That night I stopped on my way home to get a pair of sunglasses (my extra pair had gone missing) and some hairnets and some dinner. I washed my breeches and my shirt and took a bath and went to bed.

Sunday I woke up a little before my alarm and got ready. For whatever reason I was still running late, and my first ride on Sunday was 2 hours earlier than Saturday's. I got on with about 20 - 25 minutes before my class, and Trudi was stiff and running/pulling. I needed about 10 more minutes to warm up, and I didn't have it. I managed to get through the whole test (2nd-1), but it was at Mach 8, and we got a 55%, which I felt was generous. :) After the test, we went and schooled a few things in the warmup, and within 5 minutes she was listening and much more supple, canter serpentines with simple changes were bang on- she was the horse that I *wanted* to ride in the test. But in any case we still managed to show 2nd level twice in 2 days so I'm still satisfied.

For the last ride, I wanted really badly to make up for the morning. We warmed up and she was better from the moment I got on compared to the morning, so we had extra time (of course). So we did the walk/do a few things/walk/do a few things cycle and I found out that the other person in the warmup was someone I knew 10 years ago, when I rode with Peggy. She was a little girl then, she's now 22. :D She looked really good in the warmup and I had told her so, and she was like "Is your name Sara?" and that got us re-acquainted.

We went in for 1st-3 and I rode my ass off. I was happy with everything except the final trot lengthening- I hadn't quite prepared enough, and I lost her- she didn't break but the trot just got flat- I tried posting REALLY BIG (LOL, as if pelvic thrust posting could actually pick the horse up into a lengthening). I had made our leg yields more sideways and all the way to X, I had done the counter canter loops all the way to X, I had kept more activity in the trot as trainer had asked- and we only scored a 62.9.
That was pretty disappointing, and I am surprised to see that many 7's in a test (and no 4s) and still have it be below 65%, but I checked the math and the percentage was correct. There were a couple of 67s in the class (including the grown up little girl) and a lot of lower 60s and high 50s. So we're not last all the time, which is good- generally somewhere in the middle.

We got ready to go home and Trudi would NOT get ON the TRAILER. No, no, nopity nope. She threw her head up and backed off, and then started planting her feet and leaning back. We tried for about an hour, when getting after her with taps from a lunge whip she reared and I said that I didn't think she was going to get on. I was worried things would escalate more and someone would get hurt. I couldn't really blame her for not wanting to get on the tiny dark two horse, I felt like it was just too claustrophobic and she had always been easy to load prior to Friday, so I thought she was actually afraid and not just being stubborn for no reason. We had no room to really work- the divider bar was welded so the only option was to go in the 3 foot opening. I asked trainer if he had access to any larger/taller trailer, and he said yes, but it would take an hour each way to get it. I promised to pay him for the trouble and off he went.

Meanwhile I went around and asked everyone loading if they possibly had room for one more horse and could go to Lakewood, explaining my situation and telling them I'd be happy to pay for their time and effort. I knew I could call trainer on his cell and save him the trip if I could find a ride with someone else.
A couple of people asked other people, and a few people seemed to legitimately want to help but were headed a long way in the opposite direction, but ultimately none of them needed any extra money and I think most just didn't really feel that charitable. In any case, everyone turned me down, so I settled down to wait for trainer to return.

The grounds emptied out and dark clouds rolled in, and a breeze kicked up. Visions danced in my head of Trudi spooking and trying to run away as we tried hopelessly to load her on a second trailer. I spent my time googling "horse won't load on a trailer" to look for tips to help with our issue.

Trainer got back in record time, pulling a huge white stock trailer. It was fabulous. The whole thing was white inside with shavings and looked like a huge airy stall. I grabbed some flakes of super hay from a bale someone had left and plopped them in the corner, grabbed Trudi, and she hopped right on and started eating.

We made it home safe and sound, I swore at the neighbors dogs as the charged us along the fence as I led her to her pen, and apparently shocked and offended them and their guests. Whatever, I was so over this day. I then had hubby drive me BACK down to Parker, got my car, took the kiddo to dinner (hubby is dieting at the moment) and eventually got home for good.
As I was taking out Trudi's braids, I saw where she had scraped all the hair off a spot high on her forehead, most likely from the trailer she didn't want to get on. Horse.

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Wednesday, finished cramming 5 days of work into two days. It was also the day of my boss's farewell party, which I attended and spoke at. I was nervous and had a little trouble reading what I had written, but got laughs where I tried for them, and afterward people complimented me on it.
Thursday was madness- we got central A/C installed, so 5 people were tramping all through my house and yard for 5 hours while I tried to get Trudi and all my stuff ready. I had been up late the night before doing laundry and dishes, vacuuming, and making up a bed for my dad in the spare room in the basement. Hubby was grumpy and didn't lift a finger to help. Apparently HIS manager confided that HE was thinking of leaving the company, and hubby is worried and moping about it. As if all this was not enough, the new white trash neighbors moved in- they paid half a million for the place and were busy hauling in junky car after junky car- an old rusty hotrod, an old jeep, and an old muscle car, plus their two dogs. They seem like nice people but I'm not at all a fan of the way they seem to be junking up the place- plus they had trucks parked on either side of OUR driveway- not sure how trainer managed to back the trailer in, but he did.
A/C got installed and is very awesome because it is so much quieter than a window unit and allows us to close the windows against the neighbors and traffic.

While all this chaos was going on, I gave Trudi a bath and she was very good for it- she even let me tape plastic grocery bags around her hind feet to keep them dry (the farrier said the filler he used on her back feet would come loose if it got wet). When I finished, I hung up a haynet for her and was cleaning off my brushes, when I heard her grunt. I turned around and she was ROLLING IN THE DIRT. I had already taken the bags off her feet and didn't have time for another bath, so I wiped off the dirt with a wet sponge, scraped off the dirty water, threw a sheet on, and tied her to a tree.

She loaded perfectly and I drove down to Parker on surface streets while trainer took I-25. We got everything unloaded and schooled- she was on high alert, energetic and spooky, and she wasn't the only horse that way. It was a free for all and no one rode distinct figures or really bothered with left hand to left hand. We did manage to go to both competition rings, and I was very thankful for that later on in the weekend.

Friday I was up at 5AM and headed down. I was really nervous but I made myself eat a banana and drink orange juice on the way.
Our first test was early (8 something) and Trudi was still full of energy. It was 1st level test 2, the harder of the tests but the one I like better. I could hardly stay on and we had a break in the canter work, but I fixed it and we finished the test. I didn't want to see my score or the test and waited to get my tests after I finished my second ride.
Second ride, in the warmup some bitch rode straight into Trudi and I and another lady and her horse, and started doing a canter pirouette. I was so angry I nearly leapt off Trudi to drag her off her horse and pound the shit out of her. She was so rude, the other woman was furious too.
Later another woman and her horse actually bounced off Trudi's side when they passed us too closely, but she at least was sorry and even apologized again when they came around later.

We went in to do our second test and an FEI test was going on in the other ring. As we neared the bleachers sudden loud applause broke out and spooked Trudi really badly. It was a very big leap and scoot and I nearly came off. She was quick and tense after that but I did my best and we finished our test. I was bummed about it but trainer said he thought we would still score at least 60. I laughed and told him 45. We made a bet- he had $10 on 60% or higher, I bet we would score lower. He won the bet when we scored a 62.2

On Saturday we did 1st level test 2 again, with a different judge. We broke in the canter again, but ended up with exactly the same score as the day before- 65.313. We rode test 1 later, and got a 66.2, our highest score to date.

On Sunday, we did 1st level test 1 first. We were running a bit late as I was worn out and just kind of over showing, plus I had taken something at 2am when I woke up nervous and couldn't get back to sleep. Trudi was more tired and relaxed, and we went in and rode a mistake-free test that felt good. I was thrilled with how well she listened and with the fact that we had not had any breaks or mistakes. Unfortunately I guess we lacked brilliance, and I don't think the judge liked us very well- we only scored a 61.6.

We did our final test (1st level test 2) Sunday afternoon in a different arena- I had seen a horse having a fit there the day before and was worried Trudi would spook and/or refuse to go into that corner. They were running ahead of schedule and we had the option to go early- she felt pretty good in the warmup and I was ready to be done, so we went in early. Trudi got energized as soon as we entered that area, and did not want to go past B or the bleachers as we headed around the ring, but I told her it was ok and bumped her along with my leg, and she let me send her on.

I had my hands full and she was pulling, my dad had my camera, which was nice, except that she had her mouth open most of the test. Guess I should start actually tightening the flash a little :P. I got kind of lost even though trainer was reading for me, and for the first canter circle I was like, "Shit, I think we are supposed to be cantering a circle now" and I managed to haul poor Trudi off the track and onto a 15 meter circle. Later I couldn't remember what letter we were supposed to go to in our lengthening, but figured it out before we got there.

Our score from the judge at C (same judge as Friday) was, anyone? 65.313
For whatever reason there was also a judge at B (same judge from Sunday morning) and she gave us a 62.5 so we ended up with a 63.9.

After the test I went back to the warm up and schooled the canter work from 1st 2. We rode it as well as we ever have and it felt fantastic. Just for grins since we had a large area with great footing, I rode a shallow canter loop ala 1st 3 and it was easy. I told Trudi how proud I was of her and we cooled out and went home.

The best thing was getting so many 7s and 7.5s, and I got a 7 on almost every test for position. Trudi got a 7 on almost every test for gaits also.

Nice photos other than my horse's open mouth (if you look closely in the first picture, you can see that all 4 hooves are off the ground ^_^):

Happy to be DONE:

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Trudi was really good when I rode last night- to the point where she cantered so very nicely, listened for the half halt, listened for the half halt, and calmly walked and halted when asked. She got carrots, pats, and I hopped off and walked her, unsaddled her, and put on the halter and let her hand graze for a few minutes. Not bad for a 20 minute ride, eh horsey?
She also got a pedicure this morning. :)
Here's to sunshine and hopefully 3 more days of riding before more precipitation....
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So went to ride last night, and a little storm that had not previously shown up on my weather forecast drifted in. I was already tacked up and on, and the forecast for today and tomorrow is rain and snow, so I thought maybe we'd do a little work, and if it cleared up we'd do a little more.
We were treated to a bit of thunder, and an unpleasant but not terribly heavy rain/snow mixture. It was enough to make my thighs cold, but it didn't make the ground too much wetter, so once it had cleared up we worked a little harder and it was pretty good! Lesson of the night was keep your legs on and your butt IN THE SADDLE. I was stuck on pretty well (maybe it was the wet fullseat breeches?) and concentrated on STAYING VERTICAL FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T LEAN BACK as we were working on collecting the canter, and doing a downward from the seat WITHOUT DIVING INTO THE BRIDLE. I cantered Trudi through a spot she did NOT want to canter through, and her little twisty-buck of displeasure was like a blip, it barely registered because I was kind of in a zone. Overall she was a good sport and she decided she was VERY good and stopped for a carrot a couple of times "Hey did you see that I WALKED there, did you see?".
That night I cleaned and conditioned my saddle and 2 bridles to make up for the rain- it took forever but I watched TV while I did it and now everything is all supple and pretty.


Mar. 25th, 2016 01:50 pm
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Well, Colorado being what it is, decided to blizzard the day before I upgraded my arena, and 16 inches of snow shot that plan all to hell. It was beautiful though. A PITA now, but beautiful.

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Mar. 2nd, 2016 11:23 am
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For those of you who have gotten (or are applying for) new jobs lately, what resources are you using? Monster, Linked-in, a recruiting company, and so on?

[ profile] re_vised, [ profile] skitty_kitty, [ profile] buymeaclue, [ profile] flax, I'm looking at you...
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So hubby redeemed himself for being a ninny on Saturday by buying and bringing home my steel dump cart, and he assembled it too. :)

Trail ride

Oct. 4th, 2015 09:07 pm
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Got to go on a trail ride with the family today- Hungry, Lazy, and Trippy took JD, G, and I over a creek and through the woods (and fields), with the Rockies looming lovely in the background. There were 7 of us on the ride, but not sure about the names of the other dwarves err, horses. ;)

*Horses' actual names were Hank, Mama, and I am embarrassed to say it, but I didn't catch my horse's (pony's?) name. They were too busy warning me to stay at the back, I'm pretty sure he liked to kick. :D
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So got into an argument with a friend on facebook the other day. She was furious about an article written by a woman who is annoyed by people who refer to their dog as their "baby" or "fur kid". I agreed with the POV of the woman in the article, which of course did not go over well (ever wonder why there is no "dislike" button on facebook? Because people only want you to agree, or to STFU).
Anyway, I explained my point of view, her other friends explained their point of view, and I was surprised, disturbed, and very curious. I was pretty sure there were a few people who were kind of out there- there always are- but, like when George Bush Jr. got elected (especially the second time?!!) I wondered what might actually be going on in the world. I wanted to try and find some facts, or at least widen my scope and broaden my experience.
So what I found is that this trend toward treating dogs like children, is indeed much more widespread than I thought, and it seems to be pretty recent- as in the generation just after mine seems to be where the growth really takes off.
What seems pretty consistent, is this-
This seems to be most common among women without children (yes, not surprising)
These women tend to say they love their dog(s) as much as a mother loves her child (even though they do not have children- my friend felt this argument was irrelevant, I felt it was extremely relevant) and get very angry if someone says a mother does/should love her children more.
They tend to talk about how dogs are better than people (dogs love unconditionally, don't talk back, etc)
They talk about how much they hate people with children wanting them to have children, and talk about overpopulation . I think most of the mothers annoyed by the "my dog is my child/fur kid" thing, don't actually want to see these women reproduce, they just want them to stop saying their dog owner/dog relationship is just like a mother/child when they have never mothered a child.
A certain population of these people immediately gets furious and nasty about human offspring.
They always mention people who can't have children, and women who are bad mothers.
They are very irritated by "quantifying love" even though they will usually say things like "I love my dog as much as/more than".
It tends to be more dog owners, not cat owners. They may have a cat also, but they almost always have a dog.

So anyway, from my internet guesstimations, about 1 in 3 childless women ages 30 or so and younger seem to be of the pro-furkid persuasion. I found that shockingly high.
What I think bothers me is that what was once commonly accepted, "your family is more important than your pets" seems to be less common, and I think that some valuable relationships between people can be lost because it is easier to have a dog. I don't think all human relationships are good, nor do I think we should forgo relationships with our pets. Just taking a general approach of "Relationships with dogs are better than relationships with people" or straight on "Dogs are better than people" is a bad thing in my opinion- sometimes for the individual- definitely for humanity in general. We need some compassion and empathy for one another. Don't write off our entire species.

There does seem to be a little selfish guilt "dog moms" actually key in on "my dog loves me unconditionally/I have more freedom/it costs less than kids", and then counter via the "overpopulation/bad mother" arguments. But it's not really logical. Because, again, I don't want everyone to have kids, and I hope a lot of people don't have kids- but if every couple in the world only had 1 kid- we would have a declining population. Perhaps there is a perception of an expectation that they should have kids, and "dog moms" feel the need to prove they are "just as good" as a person who has actual kids, in fact, they are better. But I don't think parents are actually trying to be superior individuals, they just feel the relationship is deeper and more precious. Sort of the difference between "you are a bad kid" vs "you did a bad thing". But I'm clearly biased, so this could just be from me being in the "enemy camp".

Some things I think I get- They don't want people to think less of them for not having children. I don't. They don't want people to think they are incapable of love. I know that. They might actually be trying to relate to parents. OK- this one is harder. I just...don't like...furkid, and I would prefer "I love my dog." and let's just try to relate as animal lovers, or even just as people who love stuff (people, dogs, chocolate, books, whatever).

Anyway, it was an interesting thing to think about. I would love to see someone do a large, widespread study/survey asking women with children and dogs whether they value their children more than their dogs (I think this would come back at about 90% yes, they love their human children more) but I haven't seen an official poll anywhere. I do find it interesting to see the way people bond with animals, and am curious what the future holds- I hope it is good things- that this is actually a solution to a problem for the human race, without being too problematic for the human race itself.

Some links I came across:
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Aaand it's raining again. Dammit. 2 days in a row again... *refuses to look at forecast*

Snow day

Feb. 26th, 2015 03:54 pm
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I know ours is nothing compared to the east coast, but I am still tired already of the snow. It's beautiful, but I feel like going anywhere or doing anything is a hassle. The kiddo had no school today since they called a snow day. Work opened late, but since I work from home I just worked normally (I'm not a total altruist, I checked and saw my boss online, so I sighed and resigned myself to a full day). Kiddo wants to be glued to a screen, and when he is not he drives me crazy with his boredom. Hubs had to make the terrible drive to work. Trudi is fine but her pen is a squishy mess, and I can't really clean it because I can't really get the cart through it. It's not that bad since everything is frozen or covered with a foot of snow, or so mushed into the ground that it's going to break down quickly, but yeah, no riding, and even going to the store is not worth it till the roads are better or till we really need something.
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So after I took the kiddo to the dentist (waaah, so expensive- pediatric dentist using nitrous and not doing a good deal with the insurance)- but anyway, kid did not get yelled at, 2 permanent teeth taken care of, and hopefully the other 2 that need fillings will be done in April and we'll be ok for a while. Except that I need a new dentist. Sigh. Will think about that later.
ANYWAY, my point is, I got to ride yesterday after his appointment. Maresy dashed around a bit in her pen when I shooed her a bit to see how energetic she was (turns out energetic enough to tear off from a standstill, but not so energetic that she would keep running for a half hour straight or anything).
So got her tacked up, and she did not feel great to the right, but I kept working on ME, and not making a big deal out of it, and eventually things felt OK. We managed a few strides of canter each way, and I'll just have to be satisfied with that till next dry out, because there are a couple of inches of wet snow on the ground this morning. But that's ok, because I knew it was coming, and I rode M, T, W, and the forecast is good for the next few days. Also, her blaze has started shedding, and the days are getting longer. :)
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