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And now it's cold.
So cold. *shiver*
It was a severe and quiet cold last night- 30 degrees when I got to the barn, 10 with the windchill. As I was grooming and tacking up (with my riding gloves on) my thumbs eventually went completely numb. I had to stop halfway through and warm my hands in order to finish the job.
I got on and Trudi went to work pretty quickly. After about 10 minutes of walking and watching our breath in the air, I was like "GEEZ it's COLD" and I thought about getting off. It was a persistant creeping cold that slowly chilled my legs to the bone. But we did some trotting, and some cantering, and the work was good and helped to warm us. We ended up doing a lot. I have been sitting better and I had a zen moment as we finished up, where I was sitting on both seatbones with a calf gently pressed against her on either side- I was connected to her back with my seat, my thighs were loose but my calves were on and I stayed that way in spite of how she moved- it was such a cool feeling I didn't want to get off. ^_^
But I did, and put Trudi's nice clean turnout on her so hopefully she's not freezing to death.
It was snowing really hard on my way to work this morning, and the roads were crappy- Hello, Winter.


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